SNS Basic Training

Duration: 16h




The SNS Nails brand is the inventor and creator of the DIPPING POWDER Technique and has 28 years of experience, leading the market, with the best powders in the world.

SNS NAILS SWITZERLAND brings you the opportunity to learn and use high quality products to achieve excellent results. And our mission is to bring more and more people to experience and enjoy using this wonderful and innovative technique.
And we invite you to know and experience this magic technique in your salons, offering innovation, quality, safety and beauty to your clients. Currently we have a training and sales department that are always available to answer your questions, offering support, always willing to help in all matters.

Target audience

This training was designed for beauty professionals, such as: manicures, pedicures, cosmetic end hair professionals.


  • SNS history.
  • Competitive advantages of SNS Nails.
  • The brand concept.
  • SNS started kit.
  • Products usage
  • Work methodology: step by step.
  • Practical implementation of SNS technique with natural nail colors and extensions.
  • Nail preparation and sanitizing.
  • Application of SNS technique over a natural nail color.
  • Selection and application of tips.
  • Application of SNS technique with nail color with extension.
  • Natural nail construction techniques, and with extension.
  • Manual and machine modeling methods.
  • Finishing techniques.
  • SNS NAILS nail removal technique.
  • Removal of the SNS technique and its procedures.
  • Cleaning and care of SNS NAILS products.
  • Cleaning products and brushes techniques.
  • Practical implementation of SNS technique in French manicure and with extension.
  • Application of SNS technique in French manicure.
  • Selection and application of tips.
  • Application of SNS technique in French manicure with extension.
  • Natural nail building technique with tips.
  • Execution of construction in French manicure.
  • Nails molding method and its finalization.

Included items


  • 1 Base Gel
  • 1 Gel top
  • 1 Gelous Base
  • 1 Sealer Dry
  • 1 Brush Saver
  • 1 Vitamin Oil
  • 1 Brush On Glue
  • 1 French White
  • 1 Construction Powder
  • 1 Base Powder
  • 1 Color
  • 1 French Dip Molding
  • 1 Lima
  • 1 Polidor Block
  • 1 Buffer
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 Protective mask
  • 1 Manual
  • Certificate of completion of course

Materials Needed (bring in for the coouse):

  • Nail drill (if available)
  • Pushes cuticles
  • Pliers


Maria Nogueira: instructor certified by SNS Nails, expert in training new professionals, and in the improvement of the technique. Contact: [email protected]

Next courses

  • 08/09 June 2019 – Geneva.

* Dates subject to change without notice.

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